Cliente Temple University
Anno 2020
Tecnica Stampa calcografica, tipografica di matrici multiple e collage
In vendita catalogo edito dalla Temple University insieme a Palombi Editore


Rome and Contemporary Printmaking

Edited by Sarah Linford and Devin Kovach; 224 pages . 63 color photos, 41 halftones

FORCE FIELDS: Rome and Contemporary Printmaking is both a sourcebook on the capital role that Rome has played in the history of printmaking and a state-of-the-field of contemporary practices. The volume features diverse academic, professional, and artistic perspectives that illuminate the evolution of and recent shifts in making and diffusing prints in Rome. Leading experts retrace the history of prints from the Renaissance to the current day; Roman master printers recount experiences working with some of the artists who define twentieth-century art; and a richly illustrated catalogue of contemporary works, by locally trained and international artists drawn to Rome, introduces the varied conceptions — and force fields — operative in printmaking today. This volume will delight anyone interested in printmaking (specialists and non-specialists), inform those curious about Rome’s past and present role in the visual arts, and serve as a reference book for printmakers and critical historians.

I am at heart an illustrator. I like to represent. Working through the many materials and procedures of intaglio printmaking modifies what I initially visualize. When I have finished working on the matrix, I consider the infinite possibilities for experimentation during the printing stage and enjoy exploring the many outcomes. I like to test things out and try different variations. My idea evolves into something more poetic and expressive as I go through the printmaking process, which is always interesting, creative, and unpredictable.

“Persepolis” è una ricerca che parte da una stampa tradizionale in bianco e nero, e sviluppa una ricerca cromatica, giocando sulla stampa multipla di due matrici; una realizzata in acquaforte e l’altra in acquatinta.

Ho reinterpretato un soggetto classico (un bassorilievo del sito archeologico di Persepolis, tradizionalmente rappresentato in bianco e nero) sviluppandolo in una vasta gamma di colori e di combinazioni, fino ad arrivare ad una combinazione alternata di due stampe, assemblate a collage. Una l’inverso dell’altra, una stampata calcograficamente (soggetto scuro su fondo chiaro), e l’altra stampata tipograficamente (soggetto chiaro su fondo scuro).


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